Protecting the Right to Enjoy Doping-Free Sport

UKAD Accreditation Programme

Schools, colleges and universities play a crucial role within the sporting landscape.

The Clean Sport Accreditation offers universities the opportunity to act as a standard-bearer for clean sport by providing students with essential anti-doping education and a clean sporting environment in which to train and compete. 

All academic institutions play a crucial role within the sporting landscape by promoting sport as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle and providing a platform for sporting development and achievement within the next generation of young athletes. The UKAD Accreditation Programme recognises the positive work of academic institutions in promoting the ethos of clean sport and reflects their culture, policies, practices, research and education.

Institutions such as these exert major influence on the attitudes and behaviours of the young people that they educate or train. Working in partnership with universities enables UKAD to reach future generations of athletes, as well as coaches, doctors, physiotherapists and support personnel. Gaining accreditation is designed to be challenging and worthwhile, but accessible and achievable by all and can be accomplished irrespective of an institutions resources or personnel.


The Clean Sport Accreditation has three tiers: Accredited, Advanced and Elite. Academic institutions are encouraged to progress through the tiers to enhance their status.


There are a number of benefits to institutions becoming involved with the Clean Sport Accreditation including:

  • Consistent, accurate and current anti-doping education instilled in academic sports programmes
  • The Accreditation – a selling point to prospective scholars, students, parents and other stakeholders using institution facilities including National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of sport
  • Development opportunities for students and improved employability
  • Professional development for staff
  • The institution becomes a part of the UK’s prevention landscape
  • Access to a range of UKAD tools to achieve and maintain a clean sport environment
  • Opportunity to become involved in research projects that may support future anti-doping practices
  • The promotion of a public statement of the institutions positive approach to ethics, health and wellbeing through sport


Scientific and social science research is a vital component of the Accreditation. UKAD will support institutions associated with the scheme to become involved in future research projects and to meet their research objectives in a number of ways. Examples include letters of endorsement for World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) funding as well as access to resources, data and expertise.


Further Information

Please contact the UKAD Education team via for further information.

UKAD also recognises the important role that school and colleges play in the development of the next generation of young athletes and is currently reviewing the Accreditation Programme with the view of launching a Schools and Colleges Accreditation Scheme in September 2018. If you are interested in finding out more as information becomes available please contact