Protecting the Right to Enjoy Doping-Free Sport

Clean Sport Essentials


UK Anti-Doping’s vision is Clean Sport.

We want to collectively work with coaches and other ASP to ensure that we collectively ‘Protect the right to participate in clean sport’, UK Anti-Doping’s mission.

Coaches are integral to this mission.

The following are our clean sport essentials for coaches:

  • Develop a coaching environment that nurtures a culture of personal excellence rather than win at all costs
  • Develop positive values and beliefs in all athletes you coach and any other athlete support personnel you work with
  • Ensure athletes are aware of the principle of strict liability 
  • Know what the 10 anti-doping rule violations are and how they apply to you and your athletes 
  • Be able to act as an athlete representative during a test 
  • Ask if you are unsure before advising athletes 
  • Know the risks of athletes using supplements 
  • Protect the integrity of sport, report anything suspicious either directly to UK Anti-Doping or via the 24-hour confidential phone line Report Doping in Sport


Our resources section provides videos, documents and factsheets that can help you learn more about clean sport.