Protecting the Right to Enjoy Doping-Free Sport

Why Clean Sport Matters

Athlete at UK School Games

Competitor at the UK School Games, 2011

UK Anti-Doping is the organisation responsible for making sure that all athletes who take part in sport are clean.

This means we help to educate athletes so they understand what substances they can and can’t take. We also carry out testing to help clean athletes prove that their achievements are real – while catching and prosecuting  those who choose to improve their performance by unfair means.

Sportsmen and women want to know that other athletes are competing fairly, that it is a competition of talent and that all performances are natural. This is the spirit of sport.

UK Anti-Doping has a programme for athletes called 100% me which provides information and education to support you, as an athlete, to compete fairly. Keep yourself up-to-date with anti-doping information by visiting the Athlete Zone regularly.

UK Anti-Doping also works with sports governing bodies to help them support their athletes. Do you know what the National Governing Body is for the sport you compete in? You can find out more on the Sport England website.